This page describes the initiatives undertaken by JPL's Data Science.

Data Science Working Group

The Data Science Working Group (DSWG) is chartered to establish and manage institutional objectives for Data Science. The DSWG reports regularly to the JPL Executive Council. The focus of the DSWG is the Laboratory’s strategic planning, investments and implementation of cross-cutting data science capabilities for missions, science, engineering and the institution. The DSWG funds pilot and larger projects to help achieve the objectives and to increase JPL’s efforts to be a data-driven Laboratory.

To date, JPL has launched over 90 pilot projects in data science spanning planetary, earth, and astrophysics science areas, telecommunications, mission operations, and many other institutional applications.

Science Understanding of Data Science

The SUDS Initiative at JPL seeks to increase the speed, depth, and rigor of scientific return by revealing new connections through data science. We define data science to include recent innovations in machine learning, model-based inference, uncertainty quantification, and the connections between these factors.

Center for Data Science and Technology

JPL's Center for Data Science and Technology (CDST) has joined forces with Caltech's Center for Data-Driven Discovery (CD3), creating the Joint Initiative on Data Science and Technology. The combination of JPL and Caltech creates a world-class data science partnership that spans fundamental research all the way to large-scale projects and systems. Caltech and JPL have teamed up on a number of projects for NASA, NIH, NSF, and others.