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Welcome to JPL's Center for Data Science and Technology

Cutting-edge research and development of the science of data, algorithms, software and its applications.

The Center of Data Science and Technology at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory coordinates the research, development and operations of data intensive and data-driven science systems, methodologies and technologies across JPL Engineering, Science and Programs establishing a virtual center. It comprises affiliated people, projects, technologies and research from NASA and non-NASA efforts in data intensive systems and data science.  This includes:

  • Scalable architectures (Data lifecycle)
  • Advanced data/cyberinfrastructure infrastructures
  • Information architectures (Information models, Ontology)
  • Data science methods (Machine learning algorithms, Statistical methodologies)
  • Visualization
  • Big data open source technologies/tools
  • Data preservation and management

The new Center for Data-Driven Discovery (CD3), led by Caltech professor of astronomy George Djorgovski, is closely partnered with the Center for Data Science and Technology.