An image representing the logo for Apache™ Object Oriented Data Technology. Apache™ OODT is the centerpiece software originally developed at JPL to support scalable distributed data cyberinfrastructures by members of the Center for Data Science and Technology, and is the first major NASA software system to be turned over to the Apache™ Software Foundation for free, open source software development, maintenance, and distribution.
An image representing a potential logotype for the Apache™ Open Climate Workbench. Apache™ Open Climate Workbench is an effort to develop software that evaluates climate model outputs from a variety of different sources, including the Earth System Grid Federation, the Coordinated Regional Downscaling Experiment, the U.S. National Climate Assessment, and the North American Regional Climate Change Assessment Program. It also works with temporal/spatial scales with remote sensing data from NASA, NOAA and other agencies. The toolkit possesses features for rebinning, metrics computation, and visualization.
This is a pair of very blurry bits of DNA, aka the fuzzy caterpillars. The Early Detection Research Network consists of open source software deployed by a program of the National Cancer Institute that brings together dozens of institutions to help accelerate the translation of biomarker information into clinical applications and to evaluate new ways of testing cancer in its earliest stages and for cancer risk.