The workshop will use WebEx Events for the virtual presentations. Oral presenters should prepare and submit their presentations to the workshop organizers. Oral presentations are grouped into sessions. Each session will be moderated by a chairperson to ensure the workshop stays on time. If you would like to initiate and control the “sharing” of your presentation during the WebEx session, please let the committee know, else the chairperson will take on those duties by default. Questions and answers will be managed through WebEx Events. A Q&A session is scheduled for the end of the session. 

Preparing your oral talk presentation 

Oral presenters should prepare their presentation and submit as a PDF to data-science-wg@jpl.nasa.gov. Please note that sharing sound in a presentation can be problematic. If you use plan on using animations and/or sound, please let us know. Please limit your presentation presentation to 15 minutes. Oral presenters should follow their institutional guidelines for public release.   

Uploading your presentation

Presentations should be emailed directly to data-science-wg@jpl.nasa.gov.  Please use the follow in the subject:"Workshop Oral: <Oral Number>" providing the assigned oral number.  Please limit the file size, if possible, to 30 MB.  Please contact the organizers if this is not possible.

Oral talks will be placed in the proper session and associated on the workshop website.   


Oral talks should be submitted by February 5th, 2021.

If you have questions, please contact data-science-wg@jpl.nasa.gov.